QUDS ART was the name of the independent radio created by Ramzi Maqdisi in Palestine. It was bombed in 2002 and from its ashes new energies emerged.

Today, Quds ART is a collective of artists from Europe and the Middle East covering multiple disciplines including film, theatre and music. Our goals are to bring together artists from different backgrounds in a more permanent way, joint collaboration projects , and to provide a solid start and development to all of its creations.

We try to transcend any boundaries and see beyond walls. We provide our reflections and technologies to what we want to narrate: stories of and from people and places.

QUDSART FILMS is QUDS ART’s cinematography branch, it came together when Ramzi Maqdisi, Aurelien Lambert, Juan Meseguer and Iyas JUBEH found themselves in the same place sharing similar goals.

QAF nablus-5 corregida